End-to-end, full project life-cycle software development

Continuous Delivery

First things first. We focus on your critical issues and opportunities. With a deep understanding of Big Data, our DevOps consultants provide the Agile methodologies you need to incrementally develop and deploy solutions. Our Continuous Delivery approach keeps process streamlined and helps eliminate delivery risk, deliver earlier and increase your return on investment.

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Financial Service Domain Expertise

Today’s regulations pose a significant challenge in data collection and management. We work front-to-back from pricing and real-time risk to settlement for our clients, because you can never be too sure or too secure.

We understand regulatory compliance and can solve your financial IT security needs with Big Data technologies that minimise Market Risk, in accordance with BCBS-239.

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Apache Hadoop, Spark, Kafka and ElasticSearch

How are we able to deliver maximum business value in minimum time? It’s thanks to our consultants’ extensive domain and technology expertise. Our consultants are match-makers, utilising the best technologies for your needs--from cloud computing to machine learning and more.


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Comprehensive project reviews

It’s an imperfect world--sometimes things go wrong. If your organisation is struggling to meet delivery deadlines, we can help.  We turn projects around, staring with a fixed-price, comprehensive project review. Come meet our Big Data consultants on-site and together, we’ll identify your strengths, weakness and gaps, then show you how to reorganise and optimise for high velocity and consistent delivery.

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