[Video] Financial institutions carry too much risk, it's time to embrace continuous delivery.

Financial Service organisations cannot afford to have mistakes in their software delivery, the impact of an error could be huge. So to reduce this risk, many of these organisations have a strong set of controls in place, often for good reason (Separation of Duties required by Sarbanes–Oxley Act). However these controls come at a significant cost, not only do they hamper Agility and reduce ROI, they stifle innovation; and sometimes they are little more than risk management theatre.

Can Continuous Delivery help us to find an acceptable balance? Check out the Video from the 2016 Pipeline Conference where 51zero Founder Gary Frost takes us on a journey through his experience in this area.

Gary Frost, owner and Managing Director of 51zero has over 20 years in IT and technical development experience. With an exceptional knowledge of financial services and investment banking internationally Gary focuses on within budget delivery of critical projects as well as influencing and creating agile teams that productively work together. Getting to the heart of problems quickly and communicating effectively are mainstays of Gary’s approach.

Pipeline 2016 was a wonderful conference, you can view all the presentations here: https://vimeo.com/channels/pipelineconf

You can review the 51zero slides at your leisure right here: