7 Undeniable Reasons to Embrace DevOps

DevOps – a compound acronym for “development” and “operations” – has become an increasingly popular practice among software developers and other Information Technology (IT) professionals. It differs from the traditional working landscape by emphasizing the importance of team-based collaboration, communication and cross-departmental collaboration.

Increased Speed to Market

Using DevOps in your product development model may increase your speed to market. According to a survey of 1,300 IT managers conducted on behalf of CA Technologies, companies that adopted DevOps increased their speed to speed to market by approximately 20%, which is pretty impressive to say the least. Because DevOps is based on the principle of collaboration and team-based development, companies can launch their produce, finalize and launch their products in less time.

Greater Security

Cyber threats can wreck havoc on an organization's day-to-day operations, slowing down their progress while creating liability issues in the process. But organizations that embrace DevOps can expect fewer threats. Organizations and their respective IT teams can implement the necessary safeguards to protect their systems from cyber threats in the project's early phases. And because DevOps streamlines many processes through automation, there's a lower risk of vulnerabilities being created through human error.

Customer Satisfaction

Embracing DevOps may also have a positive impact on customer satisfaction. A survey conducted by RackSpace found that 52% of companies who used DevOps experienced increased customer satisfaction. By allowing business analysts, developers, engineers, and other team members to collaborate, it generally yields a better product; thus, increasing customer satisfaction.

Increased Conversions

The same survey cited above found that companies who used DevOps saw increased conversions. How can DevOps boost sales? Again, this likely has to do with its positive impact on the quality of the product. Products developed under this model have fewer bugs while staying true to their end goal, encouraging the company's target audience to purchase them.

Environment Stability

The benefits of DevOps don't stop there. This model has greater environmental stability than other software development models. Teams may collaborate amongst themselves so that no single element is having an adverse effect on other elements.

Continuous Software Delivery

Releasing timely updates is critical to the success of any major software. Thankfully, this is an area in which the DevOps model shines. It encourages teams to produce the software in short and concise cycles, allowing the software to be released at any given time. Updates can be made fast and with greater efficiency, ensuring a high-quality product while mitigating the risk of vulnerabilities and cyber threats.

Time Availability

Lastly, embracing the DevOps model will free up time for software developers and various teams so they can focus less on fixing bugs and more on adding features and value to the product.

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