Still not doing DevOps? Here are some important things to think about

You might be smug in your knowledge of how the whole software life cycle works, and with the ability of your team to deliver excellent, stable releases on time.  But what if your project gets in real trouble?  Is there a better way to handle technical glitches and bugs than the way your company is doing it?  Is it possible that you could be saving thousands of dollars with on-time delivery of more releases?  How about having more features added in a shorter time frame?

Have you very carefully considered DevOps methodologies and how they might help your organization?

The Agile/DevOps methodology deserves a closer look.  Here are a few points that are worth considering:

  • Fewer show stopper bugs.
  • More rapid containment during crises.
  • Better manageability of technical issues overall.

With the DevOps methodology, the entire development team is simultaneously engaged and the problem set is smaller because the code release is smaller.  This reduces the impact of major blow-ups that take a great deal of time and resources to fix - or that could sink the entire project.  Since everything is under automated testing and there is a continuous code delivery system in play, it's easier to catch bugs early and prevent them from turning into major issues. 

  • The number of deploys is increased dramatically - meaning, ultimately, good releases get out quicker.

Companies that use DevOps practices "...deploy code up to 30 times more frequently than their competition."  So what?  How does this make a difference in terms of getting good releases out sooner?  Here's how:  The DevOps method of doing small, frequent releases on a continuous basis allows the team to quickly turn ideas into actual, working implementations, much more so than the comparatively clumsy way of piling fixes and changes all in one big batch.  There's much less time spent holding up a build, waiting for this change or that fix to be included, tested, re-fixed, and so forth.  All of this means that more features can be added in a shorter time frame, making your product(s) more economically viable.

It sounds fairly simple, but getting the entire development process fully automated in terms of testing and code delivery is a major undertaking.  We at 51zero have decades worth of experience in using the Agile/DevOps methodologies to pull resources together, get testing and code delivery automated, and to ensure that good, stable code gets out quickly.  And, we are your best bet if your project is in troubled waters.  

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