5 Big Data Uses for Financial Services Technology

Information technology has become a central aspect in both our personal and professional lives.  No one today can imagine pension funds or asset managers not having the rapid data communications, huge data storage capacity and immense number-crunching power we have come to expect.  

Still, the technology is far from complete. Even today, companies are finding new ways they can use big data with their financial services technology. The following trends are currently the five most common. 

Fraud Detection 

Financial companies use big data analytics to filter fraudulent transactions from legitimate business. Technology allows them to flag to take immediate actions, such as blocking transactions, and other procedures to stop fraud before it occurs. 

Regulatory Compliance 

Big Data keeps financial institutions compliant with all regulations. It allows them to monitor and document every trade and transaction as they happen for abnormal activity.  

Customer Segmentation 

Big data lets you become customer-focused quickly and efficiently. It lets you better understand your customers and their needs, giving you opportunities to offer solutions that best meet their situations.  

Personalized Marketing 

Big data also allows you to take things one step further. You can use the technology to enhance your marketing efforts to tailor your marketing efforts to your customers, based on their buying habits.  

Risk Management 

Big data makes risk management work. It allows you to stress test everything using live data without having to create test cases that may not reflect the real world. Big data also lets you analyze your customers so you can better manage their risks as well.  

Many financial institutions are already receiving the competitive advantages from using big data technology in their operations . Contact us to see where big data can take you.